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The Fast Track to Golf Mastery

Tailored Lessons, Unmatched Personal Attention

Are you ready to up your golf game like never before? At Elite Golf, our Private Courses offer an unparalleled, personalized learning experience designed to catapult you to golfing greatness. With one-on-one attention from our PGA-certified professionals, you’ll see faster improvements and gain deeper insights into the game.

Fitness Coach

Improving Your Game
  • $150/Hr
  • 10Hrs $140/Hr
  • 25Hrs $125/Hr
  • 50Hrs $115/Hr

Pro Coach

One Stroke at a Time.
  • $170/Hr
  • 10Hrs $150/Hr
  • 25Hrs $140/Hr
  • 50Hrs $130/Hr

Early-age (3-8 yrs old)

Learn, Improve, and Excel
  • $120/Hr
  • 10Hrs $110/Hr
  • 25Hrs $100/Hr
  • 50Hrs $90/Hr

Semi Private

Becoming a Better Golfer
  • $110/Hr/Person
  • 10Hrs $90/Hr/Person